Our Green Doctors are experts in home energy efficiency. We asked them to share their best energy saving tips to help you save money and keep warm.

Groundwork Green Dr installing radiator foil

Installing radiator foil to keep the heat in

This guide explains how to quickly, cheaply and easily install radiator foils behind your radiators to stop the heat escaping, reducing waste, keeping you warm and cutting your fuel bill.

Groundwork Green Doctor setting up a storage heater

Setting up your storage heater correctly

If you have one, setting up your storage heater to get the most out of it will reduce waste, save money and keep you warm when it is needed. In this guide our Green Doctor talks you through the steps.

Groundwork Green Doctor setting up the hot water temperature on a boiler

Setting your hot water temperature correctly

Simply adjusting the temperature of your water on your combi boiler or hot water tank can make your home more energy efficient; reducing waste and saving you money.

Green Doctor installing draught proofing

Draught proofing your home to keep the heat in

Installing draught proofing to doors and windows in your home is a cheap, simple and quick way to quickly reduce the loss of heat and cut your bills.

Green Doctor showing smart programmers for central heating system

Use programmers and thermostats to avoid waste

How to use thermostatic valves (TRVs) on your radiator and programmers to make sure you only heat your home when and where you need to.

Green Doctor reading under an LED light

Selecting and using energy efficient lighting

One of Groundwork’s energy efficiency experts busts myths about energy efficient lighting and explains why switching to modern designs is simple and worthwhile.

Example energy bill

Switching to a new energy company to reduce your bill

Switching energy company to save money is one of the quickest ways to make your bills more affordable and our Green Doctors have helped some people save £1500 by doing this alone.

Green Doctor in living room

Six quick lifestyle changes to reduce waste and save money

Six quick, simple and easy ways to reduce waste and save you money on your energy bills. In this guide our Green Doctor explains how small changes really can add up to make a difference.

Kettle and energy smart meter

The top five most energy hungry appliances

One of Groundwork’s energy efficiency experts counts down the top five worst offenders for energy use in your home and provides tips to help you get them under control.