Can you imagine having to choose between buying food for your family to eat and keeping them warm and healthy?

Government figures show that around 2.5 million households live in fuel poverty in the UK, which means that many people are having to make the impossible choice between heating or eating every day.

Green Doctors are an effective and proven way to provide practical and long-term solutions for vulnerable residents to stay healthy, warm and well.

Help more people out of fuel poverty by funding Green Doctors

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In addition to Energising Communities we have other teams of Green Doctors supporting vulnerable households across the UK.

Groundwork is a charity working locally and nationally to transform lives in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. Our Green Doctors are experts who give homes a ‘check-up’. They offer energy saving advice and provide other things to help keep people warm and healthy.

These are some of the typical actions a Green Doctor carries out on a home visit:

  • Identifying causes of heat loss in the home
  • Helping identify and tackle damp or mould problems
  • Offering useful tips for saving energy whilst ensuring the home stays safe and comfortable
  • Installing small efficiency measures, such as draft excluders
  • Supporting people to switch energy providers to save money
  • Supporting people to access other support, such as emergency heating, government subsidies or grants, advice on energy or water debt.

Example of a Green Doctor care package

Partner with us

Groundwork Green Doctors are already working with many local authorities, housing associations and others to support their residents to be stay safe, warm and well.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to support vulnerable residents:

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Our Impact

In 2018/19 our Green Doctors made thousands of home visits and helped residents to save millions on their utility bills and cut household carbon emissions.


visits by Green Doctors

£5 million

in utility bill savings


million KG of domestic CO2 emissions saved